Where is my life headed? She asks.

To the place you want it, he replied.

Where is that place? She asked again.

If you don’t know, who will? He said.

She was afraid of that answer, for she knew it to be true.

She sighed and shrugged as she continued to wander  in hopeless wonder.

He saw this and he said, close your eyes,

Where you are now, is what matters.

Where you want to be, you will be in time.

What you wish to be, will be.

Just close your eyes.

Let loose, focus and live. 

Trapped by my own expectations

I’m scared.

I’m very scared.

I didn’t know what else do, so I came here to tell you.

Everything scares me.

Life scares me.

The uncertainty of life scares me the most.

I know it’s natural,

Everyone has to face their fears,

face their fate

but I’m at a point in my life,

where the world is my oyster,

life can take any turn I want it to take,

yet I’m stuck;

or do I just feel trapped by my own expectations and high aspirations?

Is possible to know where you want to go but not know how to get there?

These crumbling walls reveal her heart

The world is coming down on me

and I feel my heavy heart is reaching out for you

As much as I say, “I’m over you,”

I guess it will be never be true.

I never thought that you’d be the one to hold my heart

but you came and my world shook with intensity

I never knew anyone could have over me.

I have spent years building these strong walls

Now I just hope you can see through them,

and take credit for its destruction.



I never want to live a life of regret (but I think it’s too late for that)

regret quotes

I want to be what I could be, today,

not tomorrow or never.

I want to be what we could be, today.

not tomorrow or never

but forever.

I want to take risks;

hold my actions responsible and

not leave it to fate or chance

to steer me in directions

that makes me berate.

I know, I need to know what I want,

but it’s so much easier to tell you what I don’t want.

I don’t want failure,

I want no heartbreak,

I want no pain

or disdain

but most of all,

most of all I never ever want to say,

‘It might have been, had not this, or that, or this.’ 

I never want to live a life of regret.