My father’s laugh

It’s nice to hear my father’s laugh.

It’s a real laugh that doesn’t sound like a fake cough.

It’s happy and warm,

not one filled with scorn – you know the one that your friend had worn.

It’s nice to hear my father’s laugh.

It’s makes you want to join in and tear away,

Like a bird on a summer day.

Dear me: Say no to regret

Dear me,

Living with regret is the hardest thing you can do. It’s not that I never knew this but it struck me because now I felt it.
There are so many times I wish I could go back and change my decisions, change my consequence, however small. But I cringe with defeat as I come to terms that I simply cannot, no one can. It’s important to make peace with yourself and set higher goals so that one day you will reach a point in your life that will cancel out all the stupid decisions you ever made. You can’t do this by just day dreaming or quitting but by actual planning and working.
Let’s say this is your point in life where you’ve hit pause.Time will pass, you will age but let it not be for waste. Use this time to make this time next year better. Stop waiting for a tragic twist of fate or be under the false pretense that destiny will lead you to good fortune. Your life is in your hands. Move. Think. Do.

Losing Control of Fate

Kaya Malvani believed that life would always be predictable if you planned it. Everything was under her control as long as she kept everything in check and it all eventually went her way. There were times when it didn’t, and that was okay, she knew with a few tricks up her sleeve, that altered depending on the situation, fate would gradually give in and line its way that matched her life’s design.

She believed in fate but she trusted herself more.  Then one day, she didn’t anymore….

Would you like to know what happened?

Alter Ego.

chester maynes

Part of you is
the me who always
hide under a name
that does not exist.

Part of you is
the someone who is
there when nobody
is really there.

Part of you is
the heart that
dwells to feel
thousand pretensions.

Part of you is
the song that
plays only when
no one is listening.

Part of you is
the road where
feet cannot walk
and they avoid.

Part of you is
the absence that
I always feel and
I feel no you.


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Where is my life headed? She asks.

To the place you want it, he replied.

Where is that place? She asked again.

If you don’t know, who will? He said.

She was afraid of that answer, for she knew it to be true.

She sighed and shrugged as she continued to wander  in hopeless wonder.

He saw this and he said, close your eyes,

Where you are now, is what matters.

Where you want to be, you will be in time.

What you wish to be, will be.

Just close your eyes.

Let loose, focus and live. 

Trapped by my own expectations

I’m scared.

I’m very scared.

I didn’t know what else do, so I came here to tell you.

Everything scares me.

Life scares me.

The uncertainty of life scares me the most.

I know it’s natural,

Everyone has to face their fears,

face their fate

but I’m at a point in my life,

where the world is my oyster,

life can take any turn I want it to take,

yet I’m stuck;

or do I just feel trapped by my own expectations and high aspirations?

Is possible to know where you want to go but not know how to get there?