Dear me: Say no to regret

Dear me,

Living with regret is the hardest thing you can do. It’s not that I never knew this but it struck me because now I felt it.
There are so many times I wish I could go back and change my decisions, change my consequence, however small. But I cringe with defeat as I come to terms that I simply cannot, no one can. It’s important to make peace with yourself and set higher goals so that one day you will reach a point in your life that will cancel out all the stupid decisions you ever made. You can’t do this by just day dreaming or quitting but by actual planning and working.
Let’s say this is your point in life where you’ve hit pause.Time will pass, you will age but let it not be for waste. Use this time to make this time next year better. Stop waiting for a tragic twist of fate or be under the false pretense that destiny will lead you to good fortune. Your life is in your hands. Move. Think. Do.


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