About (Me)glob

Hi everyone,

My past blogging attempts have failed miserably, so I’ve decided to run under the pseudonym of “Meglob” for now.

By doing so, this blog allows me to vent out without being conscious of what other people I know might think.

I post whatever I feel like, most times they are poems. While other posts are observations from life, interesting (and not so interesting) things that occasionally happen to me among other things that are stuck in my head.

I usually write for a couple minutes in between work, when I’m taking a break and most often when I’m am travelling (it’s a monotonous bus trip to and fro work.)

I teach for a living. I hope to author a book someday along with living on the beach, surfing, whale watching, and opening up an icecream store/cafe. (haha, thank God for dreams)

I would like to thank you for browsing through my blog, your feedback is always welcome, appreciated and will forever be a constant form of encouragement. It’s nice to know that someone, out there is reading.

Bloggingly yours,


This blog was started on 3rd November 2012.

All posts are (c) Meglob. All rights reserved if indicated otherwise. 


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